Matthias and Johannes Schneider, the men of power

Matthias Schneider, born 1983, father of 2 little boys, passionate Hunter, is Master of
Business Administration of Trade (HWK) and brewmaster (Technical College of brew and beverage technology Doemens, Gräfelfing).

Johannes Schneider, born 1989, father of a little boy, loves the technology of motorized two-wheelers and the wind in the hair, office clerk, hotel business expert and qualified cook.

Both have taken to the road to see something else, to learn and to develop further.

Matthias Schneider

Matthias was sent to Wuxi, a town in east China.
Of course, Wuxi sounds like small and cute, but with 6,327 million inhabitants and its 3000 years of history Wuxi probably is one of the larger and traditional cities in the province of Jiangsu/China. Here he was brewing for the Paulaner brewery in the Hotel Kempinski according to the Bavarian Purity Requirement.

In Wuxi you have the garden of diversion, in Essing the Schneider beer garden. Wuxi is located on the Tai Hu, the third largest inland lake in China, Essing on the Altmühl. In Wuxi there is a 88 m high Buddha statue, in Essing we have 2 churches very worth seeing. You see, there are more similarities between Wuxi and Essing than thought.
For this reason it is not surprising that Matthias Schneider inspired and spoilt the Chinese people with Bavarian beers.

And finally he returned to Essing.

Johannes Schneider

Johannes developed his artisanal tricks in the fine restaurant kitchen in Munich. Whether classic, Italian or French cuisine, in Munich the plates are top-class spoiled. So you can dine in Essing at the Schneider with some fancy plates, which was previously based on the idea of Munich.

Johannes adapts his recipes to the wishes of his guests, combining the traditional with the creative, refreshing the new with the traditional cuisine.
In the kitchen, he is partnered by Christian Braun as a right-hand man. In this twosome constellation they can share duties, discuss ideas and guarantee consistent quality processes.

Because good food is not only the best taste, but also tough work.


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