The „Brauereigasthof“ - the kitchen

Johannes Schneider is the head chef at the “Brauereigasthof”, a restaurant where we only work with regional products. We personally know our suppliers and we create our dishes around the regional and seasonal offerings. For this reason we are able to guarantee absolute freshness on the plate.

Fresh Fish on the table

For example, we keep our freshwater fish – from the fish farm around the corner – in our own freshwater basin. The guest orders and we prepare the fresh fish within a few minutes. That's what you taste. This is my demand as chef in the “Brauereigasthof” Schneider.

Venison from our own hunter

Brother Matthias is a hunter. What he gets in front of the rifle we get for our kitchen – when he hits. Surely I recognize the quality of the animal from the Altmühltal forest. And this corresponds to the demand of our guests: the finest quality products from the surrounding area, prepared with care and the “certain something”.

Sustainability in the kitchen

We usually buy whole animals, which we butcher ourselves here in Essing. None of this is thrown away. Respect for every product is our focus. An animal not only consists of fillet and leg. Therefore, in the “Brauereigasthof” Schneider you will find dishes with various parts of the animal on the menu. Very tasty and sometimes unusual. Let us surprise you!

We source 99 % of our products from the region with a radius of approximately 25 km around Essing. Buying by handshake, both vegetables or meat, is only possible with manufacturers and producers which we know personally and whose quality we appreciate and trust.

Homemade bread from mash of the brewery

Bread is wheat and water. Not at the Schneider.
We use the fine mash from our small, artisanal brewery. There are left behind many high-quality substances such as protein, malt sugar, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and roughage. You will taste it in our bread that we serve fresh on the table.

1 philosophy for 10 employees in kitchen and service

Our basic recipe in the kitchen, but also in the brewery: we only do what we like ourselves.
And this at the highest level. For that we need good staff, who we train and educate ourselves.
As an education company we take care of the young people in accordance with our high quality standards. We live out what our staff implements in detail. Who wants to serve guests as kings, has to work pretty hard.
With the full commitment of all resources.
Brauereigasthof Schneider – with the highest appreciation of nature and its products!


We prepare the food, we brew the beer, we bake the bread. So, every day we prepare a celebration for our guests. Only with you, our daily actions get a sense and a shine. Your pleasure and satisfaction is our appreciation and motivation for our work. From Monday to Sunday, from January to December, from sunrise to closing time.
We look forward to see you!

Leave your daily routine, visit the Schneider!

Our beer garden like a painting

If you decide to stop at the Schneider beer garden, you will see rocking trees and the sky reflecting in the Altmühl, splashing trouts into the water and sparrows sitting down on the next picket fence. Some people like to sit there, looking around and enjoying life in a relaxed atmosphere.
For some people the smile from one ear to the other has something to do with our beer. The other simply enjoy the feeling of being with the Schneider, where you will be spoilt from body to soul.

Schneider beer makes the thirst beautiful.

Corporate events and family celebrations

Whether summer or Christmas, in any season and on any occasion, you always will find a suitable ambience for your personnel and special occasion at the Schneider. You can enjoy the hospitality in our restaurant and/or stay overnight at our hotels. As many nights you want.

The guest is king

That’s why you can talk about the menu with our chef and have it tasted (from 25 persons).

The brewery tour, the brewing seminar as a gap filler

Do you have any gaps in your event planning? We are ready to offer you a brewery tour (about 30 minutes) or a brewing seminar (about 6 hours). Just contact us.

Schneider Brauereigasthof, “Bierhotel” and “Landhotel” - the facts

  • 45 seating in the guest room
  • 65 seating in the ballroom
  • 24 seating in the "Stüberl"
  • 115 seating in the beer garden

Opening hours Brauereigasthof:

Opening hours Brauereigasthof Summer, from 16. March 2019 -  31. October

  • Monday 16:00 h p.m. – 23:00 h p.m.
  • Tuesday - Sunday 08:00 h a.m. – 23:00 h p.m.
  • Hot dishes: 11:30 h a.m. – 13:45 h p.m., 17:30 h p.m. – 20:00 h p.m.
  • Between 13:45 h p.m. and 21:00 h p.m. snacks





Schneider Hotel & Brauereigasthof GmbH

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93343 Essing

Geschäftsführer: Josef Schneider
Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Regensburg, HRB 16953
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